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Hours of Operation

Monday, CLOSED

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Thursday, 10am - 4pm
Friday, 10am - 4pm
Saturday, 10am - 4pm
Sunday, CLOSED

The Family Table Community Assistance Program (CAP) is a preventative program, strengthening low income and financially distressed families in Delaware County, NY and surrounding areas. In addition to providing for those on a fixed income like the elderly and the physically impaired, The Family Table can provide assistance for those who have had an unexpected illness, injury or catastrophic event in their life which prevents them from maintaining a basic standard of living. The Family Table also provides an essential bridge for “working” people who are simply not earning enough income to equip their family with all the necessary provisions. 


The Family Table was established to serve the local community by assisting individuals and families in their time of financial instability. Our desire is that eventually members participating in our program will be financially stable enough that they will not have to rely on our assistance. However, assistance is provided for as long as it is needed.

Eligibility and Membership

We base our eligibility on an income scale designed by the US Department of Agriculture, which is updated annually. An individual who meets the USDA scale must fill out an application when applying in person at The Family Table store. Two forms of identification are required for verification. There is also a $5 registration fee which helps cover the expenses of reviewing and filing applications along with production of a personal membership card. This membership lasts for 12 months and requires renewal upon expiration. This renewal is a way for us to see if in fact our program is benefiting the member. It is not our desire that anyone be trapped in our program, but to assist the member in getting back on their feet…“A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out”.

Volunteers are truly the backbone of this ministry. Stocking shelves, working at the cash register, sorting in the warehouse - these are vital functions in providing the best service possible. We have opportunities for everyone, from high-activity to stationary work. Family Table volunteers work a variety of hours - full days, half days, afterschool hours, Saturdays. If you have even an hour a week you will make an enormous difference in the lives of some very special people. Contact us to sign up!

Donor Benefits

The Family Table is available to all who qualify, regardless of their religious affiliations, spiritual beliefs or where they live. Here are just a few immediate benefits to our donors:

  • Tax deduction on items that might otherwise cost to have carted away.

  • Valuable warehouse space freed up.

  • No hit to your bottom line. We can arrange for shipping and absorb 100% of the cost.

  • Knowledge that marginalized people receive access to food, personal hygiene and household items the rest of society takes for granted.


The Family Table is always looking for new partners to increase products available to our members. Contact us today to partner in this very worthy endeavor.


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